Friday, March 29, 2013

Round and Round With You

The dress is Merona and was found at Target.  The bracelets are hematite, quartz, rose quartz, and shell and were gifted to me from a gemstone trade show vendor.  The earrings are sterling silver with pink enamel and were also a gift from a vendor.  The sterling silver hummingbird necklace was found at  The shoes have made their way into several of my blog posts, Nine West, Shoe Warehouse.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vertical Hold

I am trying to work around the wind.  The breezes were coming in but they hadn't turned to strong winds yet.  A few images were caught outdoors before the shoot moved inside.

This is my spring casual look.  Skinny jeans are still very fashionable, and now they are being done in an array of colors.  I paired it with a green, black, and gray striped halter top.  I finished the look off with my favorite pair of boots, some bangle bracelets, and circle drop earrings.

Grey skinny jeans are Express.  The halter top was found at 15dollarstore.  The earrings were found at  Bronx boots were found at Shoe Warehouse.  The bracelets were found at Walgreens.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wild Flower

I love historic areas.  I don't like reading anything history related.  I don't like watching anything meant to teach me about past civilizations.  Unless it's about Egypt, documentaries bore me to tears.  I do love the experience of Historic areas.  When I travel, these are the types of areas I look for.  I'm fascinated by architecture.  I love old structures and buildings.
I go to Old Town a lot when it's warm outside.  It's a very charming place to spend the day.   Unfortunately, today it was cold and windy so my time there was limited to a small window of breezy opportunity.  Old Town is a nice place to walk around and window shop.  You are going to find a lot of art, pottery, and jewelry in this area as well as the typical tourist souvenir traps.
This area is across the street from The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History.  As you can see, the temperatures haven't warmed up enough for the fountain to run.  We'll be returning to the area as the weather warms up.  Old Town teems with photo opportunities.  

The dress is River Island and was found at ASOS.  The shoes are Nine West and were found at Shoe Warehouse.  The earrings, 14kt gold and Carnelian, were found at Target.  The bracelet, 14kt gold and multiple gemstone, is actually a layering necklace also found at Target.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Swirls and Curls

My current project evaluation is for the blush.  It's a shade darker, and pinker, than I'd buy for myself.  I still have a week's worth of testing to do, but so far it's living up to its expectation.

Sorry about the indoor picture posts.  The winds are hitting in the 25-30mph range, which makes it impossible to do these pictures outdoors. 

The dress is Pure Faith and was found at the 15dollarstore.  The earrings are sterling silver with mother of pearl inlay and were found at Palm Beach Jewelry.  The shoes are Newport News.  The necklace was found at Target.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Only Logical Thing To Do

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, don't give up.  Hold on to your dream!  One day you are going to wake up to find that you are the person you dreamed of becoming, doing what you want to do, simply because you had the courage to believe in yourself and your potential, and because you held on to your dream.
I don't want to be inside taking pictures.  I want to be outside.  I want to show more of the city I live in.  Sometimes you have to adjust.  Weather and my work schedule are the primary factors in how little opportunity I have.  It's frustrating!  You adjust and make it work.
You can accomplish much more in life by keeping your thoughts positive and your mind focused.  To be successful you have to pursue your goals.  You have to be determined.  You have to be unstoppable.
For me, that takes being disciplined with the limited time I have.  I prioritize my tasks and work on what is most important first.  I use my time efficiently.  I have a strategy for how I plan to accomplish my goals.  

The Dress is from Fredericks of Hollywood.  The Shoes are Nine West from Shoe Warehouse.  White topaz earrings are from Seventh Avenue.  Jade and peridot luck necklace is from Palm Beach Jewelry.