Friday, March 1, 2013

Casual Traveler

I am a complete geek and nerd.  There are no other words to describe me.
I have the ability to trip up the stairs and somersault down them.  I have bruises because I walk in to things I don't remember walking in to.  I can be quite the klutz.
My hair color is whatever it wants to be that day.  My stylist constantly tells me I have three naturally occurring shades in my hair: red, light brown, and espresso.  My hair can go from a medium brown to a nearly black color.  If it's really sunny, and I've been running a lot outside, then I get random blonde streaks.  I have no clue what's wrong with my hair.  My eye color goes from brown to green, depending on light and my mood.  I have no idea what's wrong with them either.
The dress I am wearing is meant for the warmer months(light, airy, and made of cotton), and when you live in a desert you get more warm to hot months then you do a cold season.  This image was taken in what should have been a cold season for us.
I like to mix high end fashion pieces with pieces that are affordable and easy to wear.  I don't think a person's closet needs to be filled with designer names in order for them to be fashionable.  I have a mix of both designer and non-designer in my closet.  The rule of fashion is to be true to yourself, and your style.
I enjoy being outside.  I run outdoors.  I play outdoors.  I prefer my pictures to be taken outdoors.  In the sense of fashion blogging, the appeal for this blog will be location. 
In regards to fitness and body type standards, I am a true ectomorph, who also happens to have a touch of endomorph qualities.  I have a fast metabolism, which makes it very hard for me to gain weight.  Add in the fact that I actually enjoy exercise, and I eat a fairly balanced diet(food is not a crutch for me), and it becomes understandable why I stay so slim.
Skin secret number three:  On most days of the week I eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.  There have been multiple studies that have shown that eating a diet rich in antioxidant-containing foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, has been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other common ailments and illnesses.  That probably explains why I don't get sick often.  I also limit the amount of meat I eat.  While I do actually like the taste of steak, chicken and other types of meat, I don't care for the texture of meat.  My achilles heel is my dessert addiction.