Monday, March 4, 2013

Off The Hip Trip

The sun hid its light, leaving the darkness and silence. Amid the darkness, the moon was shining, though not as bright as the sun, but light enough for one to admire its beauty. Meanwhile, the silence is left to make an appropriate atmosphere to rest after a long day of activity. Yes, noon is the time when the sun shines to incite activity and survival, whereas the nights when the moon appears is a time to rest.

Mask:  You could wear a mask of moss, a robe of wood, a wig of leaves – you could be nature itself, perfectly hidden, and even with blind eyes I would always know you."
It was too windy for an outdoor photo session, so I kept it indoors.  It's not necessarily my favorite way to get a blog session done, but at least I'm in a place where I feel comfortable.  It makes it easier to get into the whole picture taking thing.  Today's journey was peaceful.  It's amazing, it was one of those days where I got everything on my to do list done because there was no interference.  It's those tiny little things that make me happy.