Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wild Child

Because I am making an attempt to get back into looks of the day I thought I'd do something basic and simple.  With my schedule at a hectic pace I needed to do something that wouldn't overwhelm me.  I went with this look because it was easy to put together.  The goal is two looks a week until I go full-time into fashion.  Please bare with me as I try to put a schedule together that works for me. :)

The dress was found at AXParis and the shoes were purchased from Burlington Coat Factory

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black and White Roses

Talk about one of the easiest trends to wear!  Inspired by nature, the floral pattern is one trend every woman should indulge in.  We are not talking the ramshackle romance of the overgrown garden, bold, bright, and overly busy.  Designers and manufacturers are drawing inspiration from the delicate structure of the garden, the touches and hints of blossoming blooms structured over a secondary pattern in almost a formal motif.  Florals are not a new trend, in fact floral pattern clothes have been around for centuries.  Floral patterns are truly the best way to celebrate the spring and summer season.
I'm making attempts to stay on top of my blog, but life has gotten in the way lately.  Though my schedule is crazy busy, I had a window of opportunity today to go out and get some blog images.  I didn't go for anything spectacular.  The goal was to get images.
The dress is from Target.  The earrings and necklace are from Nature's Jewelry.  The shoes are a constant in the blog.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Netting a Catch

The weather refuses to make up its mind!  It's a common problem in New Mexico.  Spring brings wind.  Summer brings heat.  Fall is perfect.  Outside of the cold, we don't really have a winter.  Snow fall is minimal.  We desperately need rain.  There is always a wildfire, somewhere near by, that takes months to put out because we have no real water source.  That's life in a desert.  Though we are still plagued with wind, I braved it today to get some images for updates.
Every fashion season is a new take on what was done before. It's also an exploration into a realm of something that hasn't been seen or done. Whether you are designing or styling the creation; patterns, prints, and colors are in most ways an artistic vision that is meant to catch and please the eye.

Styling a piece that reflects your personality is what fashion is all about. If you are looking for a new and easy way to refresh your look try layering simple pieces in complimenting colors. No two colors play better with each other than black and white.

Most of my styling of outfits began with Barbie. I always wanted to dress her differently than the bubble gum and pastel pretty image that you saw on her pretty pink packaging. I was desperate to achieve a not so manufactured look for her. I went so far as to cut up old pieces of fabric and sew, albeit pretty badly, her a new wardrobe from old scraps of discarded material we had lying around the house. To this day I still can't sew, it is a goal of mine to learn, but the fashion bug has always been intrigued by the what if concept.

If I could be a designer I would. I love the idea of creating a trend that spans clear across the globe inspiring fashionistas and bloggers everywhere to get out there and put on their best show with the items I created. I have ideas, but designing requires a certain level of artistic talent that I lack. So instead I play stylist or fashion finder in hopes that someone will be inspired, or at least appreciative, of my artistic pairing of design and items.
The lace top I am wearing was found at Fredericks of Hollywood.  Diamond Print Skinny Jeans came from Revolve Clothing.  The boots were found at Shoe Warehouse.  The jewelry was gifted to me.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Python Print

I'm still waiting out the wind, but we had a break yesterday and I was able to quickly get a few pictures to share. You can find me @ I hope to post again soon. :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trending Colors: Mint

I've been many things in life, and I'm pretty sure I'll be many more. My newest venture has me delving further and further into the world of fashion, and with that comes the creation of magazines, articles, blogs, learning and becoming a part of communities that I never thought I'd belong to. Some days I'm overwhelmed by the sheer number of places I have to visit every day just to maintain a site presence. It can be exhausting. I am part of a trend-setting lifestyle, and people want to see me, talk to me, and get advice from me. Fashion can be very demanding. Now don't get me wrong, there are also those moments where I find myself scouring the Internet looking for incredibly stylish pieces I can show the world, and I find myself euphorically happy. Like everything in life it's a balance. Today was one of those euphoric days because there was so little expectation on me that I was able to play fashion finder, focusing on the mint trend. For those who were not aware, mint is this year's it color. I personally don't know how the color of the year is determined, I received an e-mail through a paint company announcing the trend, but I can tell you that I'm ecstatic over the abundance of green. It's my favorite color. Mint is the perfect color to go in to the spring season wearing. The pastel palette offers that soft feminine romantic springy feel without trying to hard. It's not the easiest color for some to wear, but there are enough alternative shades ranging from light to dark that will pretty much compliment any skin-tone. With the color trending, you're not limited in the way you have to wear the color. There are plenty of accessories to pair with main staples in your closet so that you can play with the trend without breaking your wardrobe budget. As always, I've kept the finds budget friendly, coming in under fifty dollars. Enjoy!

Skater Skirt

Arden B. Women's Stone Trimmed Rubber Watch Mint

G2 Chic Sweetheart Lace Dress

Sakkas Footless Ultra Slim Fit Matte Liquid Wet Look Leggings

79V Womens Jersey Ladies Long Sleeve Side Slit Maxi Party Summer Dress

Stanzino Women's High Low Chiffon Top with Lace Detailed Sleeve

Breckelle's Viola-15 Studded Ankle Strap Heels MINT

Blossom Yael-27 Mint Women Platform Pumps, 10 M US

Qupid Dazzling-98 Open Toe Ankle Strap Stretch Chiffon Platform Pump MINT

Wild Diva Lounge Sonny-73 Mint Cotton Bow Lace Platform Pump

Breckelle Alycia-01 Peep Toe Ankle Strap Studded Platform Wedge

Thursday, May 16, 2013

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I am not a shoe girl. I never have been. When I was younger I always seemed to wear shoes that were too small for my feet. The constant blisters had my feet crying for their freedom. I'd kick off my shoes and run around barefoot, even the pretty patterns weren't enough to entice me to put my shoes back on. Boots are a different story for me. I love the stability a pair of boots offers me. My ankles feel protected. I feel I can walk without wobbling. There are enough styles and patterns available that boots offer the same fashion appeal as a pair of high heels.

Guess Women's Jirina Ankle Boot

Guess Women's Osage Ankle Boot

Michael Antonio Women's Hyder Knee-High Boot

Michael Antonio Women's Hyder Knee-High Boot

Michael Antonio Women's Hyder Knee-High Boot