Saturday, February 28, 2015

Love Makes Your Soul Crawl Out From Its Hiding Place

Like most people I have hopes and dreams, but I also have fears and anxieties about my life's purpose. I am starting to realize that I can find my purpose and make it tangible.

Now, I have no delusion that I will ever be a top-selling recording artist, and it’s highly unlikely that I will ever win a Nobel Prize. But I know that I have at least some rudimentary writing skills and that I love writing.
I am a writer. I want to make it my life’s work in a way that is both personally satisfying and that adds something significant to the greater good.

I am virtually certain that all I need to become the writer I want to be is a massive amount of faith, practice, inspiration constructive criticism, late nights, improvement, rejection, anguish, and joy.
Ultimately everyone needs inspiration to keep them moving toward their dreams. If it's inspiration that is needed we only have to look to other ordinary people who are pursuing their dreams and passions.
We also have to realize that we can be the source of inspiration for others.
While we can’t always be role models for everyone in every specific endeavor, we can always offer encouraging words and support. It is amazing how a few encouraging words can be a catalyst for someone.
Encouragement can remind others that to be extraordinary, one only has to be ordinary!

The only thing we must remember is that people who have already realized their dreams didn’t just wake up one morning being extraordinary at what they do. They fiercely protected and nurtured their dreams.
If I want to make my dreams come true, I must do the same—and I must realize the things I want most are, in fact, entirely within me.