Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Future

Blogging has always been something I have wanted to come back to again, one day, when life settled down.  I've always told myself that I would return when I could commit to writing consistently and with a focus, neither of which I had at the time when I initially set up this blog. 

I have never felt like I was barking up the wrong tree by blogging, but I did feel I needed to take several steps back.  I knew I needed to take more preliminary steps toward this goal.  What I really needed was time to get over certain fears and anxiety associated with technology and having my image posted on-line, accessible to everyone.

Instead of forcing myself to write content for this blog, I began reading other blogs and posting comments on them.  Sometimes I’d even receive positive feedback on my comments.  This gave me a much needed boost of confidence. 

I was already being paid to write freelance, but freelance writing is a different type of writing.  Freelance writing is technical writing.  There is nothing personal when you are writing content themed articles.  There is also the sense of being anonymous when you're writing for someone else.  Still, any type of writing was a win for me.  It has always been my dream to be a writer.

After a long hiatus, I feel ready to be here.  My small steps and little wins have given me the incentive, motivation and confidence to go for it.  

Achieving goals requires taking small steps.  Success reinforces success.  These are the simple steps I’ve been taking to reach my goals:

I break all my big goals and tasks down into smaller, doable tasks. 

I acknowledge every one of my accomplishments, however big or small.

I feel a sense of pride and joy in the job I'm doing. 

I take baby steps. 

I keep myself moving along the path I have created for myself. 

I allow myself to remain open to bigger possibilities and opportunities while I keep moving forward.

It’s easier to make a comeback from a little tumble than from a steep fall. It’s a shorter road back up.  So now I take baby steps, slow and steady, while I build up momentum.