Saturday, February 7, 2015

Be Passionate and Bold

I’ve spoken with a number of people recently who are doing something that is “just okay” with their lives but who really want to be doing something else.  They feel an urgency to break free and go for it, even though they haven’t really defined what “it" is.

I think a lot of people, if not currently there, understand this feeling.  It’s in our nature to move toward greater experiences and goals.  I think as a society when we’re not progressing in a forward direction, we question ourselves, wondering what we’re doing with our lives—and what we’re waiting for.

And yet complacency often sets in and nothing changes.

I'm sure part of the issue is knowing where and how to start.  And there is most probably a fear of the unknown.  Both issues can prevent anyone from striving to make dreams reality or achieve lifelong goals.

The nature of commitment is in staying the course, going the distance, falling and getting back up again, and then continuing onward.

The question is: What are you committed to?  I think sometimes we mistakenly commit ourselves to the outcome without committing ourselves first to the process.

I know a person who talks about this book he wants to write.  He has it all mapped out in his head.  He's absolutely sure it's going to be a best seller.  He's convinced himself that it’s going to be made into a movie and it’s going to make him millions of dollars.

The problem is he hasn’t even written the first chapter.  He’s already committed himself to the outcome before being committed to the process.  The process would be showing up to write, writing the first word, getting a sentence out, followed by a paragraph, and then a full page.  That’s the commitment.

Outcome is all about “getting to the end.”  Process is about “being in the moment of each stage.”  The process can be humbling, lowly, and often times scary.

But only by committing to the process can we arrive at the outcome.

Therein lays the commitment.

So, the question is: What are you committed to?

Let's face it, dreaming is free and harmless if you don't allow it to blur your reality.  What people so often fail to realize is dreaming keeps you motivated and moving forward.  If we always looked at life as a sea of disappointments, then life is void of any real value.

I say keep on dreaming, follow the process, and don't stress over the outcome.  "This little lark" started with a big dream and each day it is unfolding before her eyes!
I have so many dreams that have already come true.  I tend to overlook them on a daily basis or when the going gets tough, but man have I been blessed beyond my wildest dreams already!