Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Purest Love Always Reveals Itself

1. I can be a very emotional person, and I do wear my emotions on my sleeve, but normally I'm very calm and quiet. I have an easygoing personality. I am not the type of person who likes to fight or be put in a position where I have to defend myself. I prefer to be happy. Arguing with a person doesn't make me happy so I usually avoid arguments, but, if push comes to shove, I will fight back.

2. Even though I was attacked by a dog when I was a child, I am not afraid of dogs. I grew up with  the greatest dog ever. I loved her. Her name was Silver. She was a Norwegian Elkhound, and I'm not sure if it's the breed, but she was very protective of us kids. We got her as a puppy, and grew up with her. Exposure therapy… I respond well to it. 

3. I love puns, corny jokes, and play on words. Growing up, my father used to tell me the dumbest jokes. I'd roll my eyes, but his jokes always made me laugh.

4. Even though I grew up around guns, and support a person's right to own a gun based on the Constitution, I personally do not like guns. I grew up shooting them in the desert, and I never found it to be an entertaining sport. That's not saying that I don't understand the value of knowing how to protect myself, and how to safely use one, I just hope I never have to use a gun to defend myself.

5.  I love haunted houses. They are my favorite attraction at any fair or carnival. I don't care if they are cheesy or badly done, I still love them. I have even stayed at hotels that people claim to be haunted with hopes of seeing an actual ghost, but I've never seen one. I do believe it is possible they exist, but if they do, I don't think I have the right energy to see them. Still, I think it'd be kind of cool to see one, as long as it's a nice ghost.

6. When it comes to cell phone technology, I am still in the dark ages. I have had the same flip phone for ten years. I will be upgrading soon, but I've never really been in a hurry to go out and buy the latest in technology.  Surprising, considering I grew up surrounded by the latest gadgets.

7. This is my favorite number.

8. After my parents divorce, I took on a lot of responsibilities to help my father out. He was at work all the time providing for his children. Through my teenage years I cooked for the family, two households, mine and my grandmother's (who lived two houses from us). To this day, I do not enjoy cooking, and have to be in the mood to do it.

9. I hate the game Monopoly. I absolutely despise it. I find it to be a never-ending tedious game so I purposely try to lose so I can stop playing it. I do like card games, puzzle games, video games, but ask me to play Monopoly and I will say no.

10. I have run two marathons and have no desire to run another. I believe in the causes of any event I choose to take part in, but the training was hard on my body. I lean out quickly, and it's hard to keep my weight up. I enjoy exercise, but I never enjoyed the training that was required to get my body ready to run a marathon. So no more marathons for me.