Monday, February 15, 2016

Magic Enchants and Casts a Spell

Another project I am working on. It started out as a writing prompt that was sent to me in e-mail and is already taking shape to be much longer than a few pages. This story is still very much a rough draft. I am only sharing the first page. This short is currently at thirteen pages, and just over 6000 words, in an unfinished state, and is considered an angst driven love story. I am currently juggling multiple stories. It can be a problem when you have a head full of ideas and you have to get them on paper before you forget them.

She woke, with a startled groan, to the sound of music being played on the piano. She wasn't sure if she was dreaming the sound, but when the noise didn't dissipate she woke to the full realization that her comfortable slumber had been disturbed, and now that she was fully awake, she grumbled to herself at how truly inconsiderate her boyfriend was being. He could have waited an hour, written in silence, but instead he pulled her away from her peaceful dream.

She lay in bed for a few moments longer, hoping that the music would stop, but it just became more persistent, and though it made her grumpy, she smiled to herself because the melody was beautiful, and she could hear the heart of her boyfriend in every sound the keystrokes made.

She knew sitting at the piano was his favorite place to be. He loved making music, and he hoped to one day realize his dream of being a rock star. He played multiple instruments, but the piano remained his favorite. That is where he felt he could create his best writing.

Still, she was surprised he was up playing so early, the night had been late playing at the local bar. Afterwards, he had gone back to his band mate's home to celebrate the gig, low paying as it was, because it meant exposure in the city, write ups and reviews, and the development of a fan base.

She untangled herself from the sheets that clothed her naked body, and grabbed the pink satin robe she kept close to the bed, quickly wrapping it around herself, and loosely tying the matching sash around her tiny waist. Her bare feet cold from the feel of the tile, she yawned, stretched her arms, and then headed downstairs.

She followed the sound of piano keys, found him sitting, brows furrowed, deep in thought, a notebook in front of him, and the music sounded like magic. He was gifted, a talent she wished she had been bestowed with, but to her dismay she had no musical ability.

She came up behind him, leaning in, until her lips were close to his ear. “Hey there,” she whispered. “You woke me up again.”

Chase, jumped, startled by her intrusion, but then slowly turned in her direction, and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Morning, Sunshine.”

“I'm not quite feeling sunny this morning.” She returned, but still she smiled. “It's seven in the morning, barely the crack of dawn, and I was having a wonderful dream.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and brought her to him. “Tell me about this wonderful dream, and was I in in?”

“I can't tell you about the dream, darling, you woke me up. Remember?”

“Sorry, Love, but inspiration struck, and I just had to get down here. Forgiven?”

“The melody sounds beautiful,” She picked up the notebook, and looked it over. “What are you writing today?”