Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Trip from the Past - Saint Louis, Missouri

This would be a trip I took awhile back to Saint Louis. This trip, I flew to Missouri, a few days later I was in a car driving to Chicago, followed by Ohio, and then returned back to Missouri. For this post, I am only sharing a few images from my trip to Saint Louis.

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. I went to Missouri to visit with a friend. It wasn't on my list of places to go, outside of the state (I do have a bucket list that requires me to visit every state in the USA at least once in my lifetime), but I figured since I was there I was going to see the arch. It was the first place I visited when I got off the plane.
Inside the arch, from the top, the view is incredible. They have an interesting system that takes you to the top. If you get claustrophobic easily, it will probably be a terrifying trip up. It's basically a small pod, that has windows so you can watch your ascent and descent, but there is an awareness of how tight and enclosed the space is you are travelling in.
The base of the arch. Surprisingly, and maybe that is because it was during the school year that this visit took place, but the area was not crowded. I have pictures from the park that surround this area, the museum, and an old church (not the Cathedral). My time in Missouri was roughly three and a half days, the rest of this vacation was spent on the road.

Cathedral Basilica in Saint Louis - I am not a church goer, but it is a beautiful building, and the inside is gorgeous. I appreciate the architecture. It is a thing of mine, I am not a fanatic on history, but I love to look at old and historic buildings. It's the design work that I find interesting.

Back to the arch for a late night visit. They had a light show, and it was worth going back to see it.

The Missouri Botanical Garden because I like to spend my time outdoors. I don't travel to sit around in hotel rooms. I want to explore the area. I want to experience what I don't experience at home. I normally travel with a buddy, but there are trips I do take alone. I can assure everyone that the moment I jump on a plane, with someone or without, I will be out exploring the area.