Friday, February 5, 2016

Whisper Sweetly the Tenderness of the Moment

Life lessons are exactly what they imply, whether good or bad, they are lessons you learn in your lifetime. They are based on the concept of learning from the mistakes you make. These lessons can have a significant impact on your life, and can even be described as defining moments that are forever remembered by the person who experienced the lesson. Because each lesson we experience is from an individual's own perspective, the lesson you gain from the experience is unique to each person.

When thinking about life lessons it is important to remember that they can can occur in any area of our life, and while we do learn new things every day, those lessons don't necessarily amount to an event so significant that it affects our behavior for the rest of our life. This is what makes life lessons different from the everyday lessons we experience. A life lesson is one of those events that can be so astronomical that it has a profound effect on the person, or people, who experienced it.

Let us say for example that we behave in a certain way toward a person, or event, that goes against how we would normally behave toward an individual, and, as a result, faced incredibly unpleasant consequences as the outcome of our actions. This may cause us to re-evaluate ourselves and how we handled the situation in the first place. It may be one of those defining moments that make us reconsider the choices we made, and teach us to make better decisions in the future so that we achieve the desired outcome we want. Depending on the severity of the consequences we faced based on the actions we took in the first place, we may find that the impact of our original behavior was so significant to the outcome that when confronted with a similar situation in the future we consciously make better choices so that we don't repeat the same pattern of behavior. Basically, the lesson we learn is not to make the same mistake twice.

Significant lessons we learn in life can function as a guide to understanding ourselves better. Through the consequences of our actions or the reactions we have to the experiences we encounter, we can gain an awareness of how we think, act, and react in certain circumstances. While it is not possible to control the outcome to every situation we encounter, we can learn to control the way we respond to the situations we are placed in.