Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Person Who Seeks Will Find What They Are Looking For

Pain is something we all experience in life. It's inevitable that at some point in your life you will experience it.

Pain is a pesky little word that is always associated with being hurt, and there are different types of pain, physical pain and emotional pain, both can range from tiny almost non-existent sensations to full blown suffering.

Physical pain can be anything as minor as knocking into a table and bruising your leg, or receiving a paper cut, to something major like falling and breaking your leg. Physical pain can be the effects of a disease on the body, like cancer as it destroys a person's cells, or even the treatment that is supposed to fight the disease, but hurts the body in the process. Physical pain usually has a cause that can be explained, but not all physical pains can be cured. Some of those aches and pains come with age, from banging up our bodies when we were younger, and we pay for it as we get older. Other physical forms of pain go away in time, like a bruise healing.

Emotional pain is different. Emotional pain is caused from hurting somebody, whether it be hurting their feelings with a sly comment that they took offense to, or something to the effect of a betrayal and a violation of a person's trust.

Regardless of what type of pain is being experienced, it's important to understand the causes and effects of each are different, even so both types of pains can be equally devastating, but in dramatically different ways.

A paper cut will heal in days, and you will probably have no reminder that the injury ever existed. Cancer, while it can be cured with certain treatments, is far more likely to devastate the body in the process, and there is no guarantee of survival. Saying something to a person that might one time hurt their feelings will probably not do much damage to a person's psyche. Being insistently bullied can have a psychological effect on a person that leaves an imprint on them for the rest of their lives.

The cause of emotional pain is complex, and in no way, shape, or form am I an expert in the subject, but I have experienced being bullied, and I have had my fair share of painful experiences that have left a lasting impact on me emotionally.  I've talked about my divorce, and the commitment issues that are a result of it. I've talked about having trust issues. I've even touched on the topic of my mother, a person whom I don't like talking about. My mother is an emotional subject for me, and can result in an explosive outburst if I feel pressured to talk about her. My issues with trust stem from her. I could go through a whole list of her done me wrongs, but it all amounts to the same thing; she was an awful parent who neglected her children.

Coming up in March, this blog will be placed on hold for a couple of weeks. I'll be dealing with another type of emotional pain, which I am not ready to talk about, and it is going to affect my wanting to come over here and share.