Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kindness is a Magical Spell Meant to Enchant Hearts

I’ve been putting myself out there on the internet for awhile now, and I could probably spend the next couple of years writing lists of things that most people don’t know about me, pulling from the deepest parts of my soul to show you all what it is that forms my personality. I can give everyone clues as to who I am as a person, but that would only be a part of the puzzle that is me. It's the internet, and regardless of how much I share, only a portion of my personality can truly be seen. Hiding behind a computer, you can't see my mannerisms. You can't see the way I smile, or how I flirt without actually seeing me. Unless you know me, you don't know the way I move or how I carry myself around people. You don't know how I stop and listen while others talk. You don't see my willingness to help, or the sacrifices I make so others can be happy. You don't see my playfulness. You don't see my spirit. You don't know my voice because you can't hear it.

I’m a tomboy. I'm a nerd. I'm a geek. I've told everyone this, several times already. You may not get that impression of me by looking at my pictures. I wear feminine dresses with pretty prints, high heels, put on make-up, and curl my hair. I wear leather, lace, and boots.
I prefer ordering pizza and playing video games over going out to dinner or dancing. I collect comic books. I collect regular books. I don't like make-up. I am not fond of wearing it. I prefer my hair to stay in its natural state, but I style it for the sake of fashion blogging (or when I go out). I've always been more of a hands-in-the-dirt girl than a pinkies-out person.

The point is, the internet only gives you a few pieces of a puzzle. You can take a picture and a few carefully crafted words and create an image of who you think I am, but it's not the whole image. You miss elements of a person when you deal with someone exclusively on-line.