Sunday, March 27, 2016

Bluey and the Great Spirit Moon

Looking back at entries I placed in a journal many years ago - even recent thoughts from months, weeks, or even days ago - I feel disconnected from the person I was then. Grief has a way of doing that to a person. It has a way of making you think, relive moments which furthers the pain of what is being dealt with.

Pain has a way of turning man into monster, hurt by words real and imagined.

In this existence we are but temporary beings, pieces of time made up of moments and memories. We are the beat of a heart, the sound of a breath, diminutive echoes in an infinite universe.

We are in constant states of challenge and change. Our cells die. Our DNA weakens. Our minds change like seasons. We grow old. We grow fragile.

We hunger for more. We seek out people to share deep connections with. Friends to hold close. Lovers to love. People to understand. Love makes us whole.

When a person feels love ripped from them, whether it be from the death of a loved one or being spurned by a person they love, it can cause a person to act in ways they wouldn't normally act. Some people react violently. Some go through phases of anger. Some are so grief-stricken that they have to be watched to make sure they don't hurt themselves. Some move on, but they carry the image of their loved one in their heart and mind. There are many levels to love, it's an emotion expressed differently from person to person.