Monday, March 7, 2016

She is Light and Sunshine

1. I don't really have many traditions. There are things I grew up doing, but, since I never had children, I never really carried those traditions into my adult life. I am about to spend a week in a house, on vacation with my family, and it's going to feel very much like the times we spent growing up together.

2. I am a rather sassy and sarcastic person. I tend to be a quiet observer when you first meet me, but I actually have a fun-loving playful side. You have to get to know me to get to that side of my personality. I'm shy, but not really shy. Working in the customer service industry has taught me how to approach a person and engage in conversation, but even I have my limits as to how much I want to talk and how friendly I want to be. I am an introvert, and that is part of my personality. Still, I do love people, and I enjoy the conversations I have with people I meet.

3. I am very protective of my time because I do have to budget it for multiple writing projects, but I’m also very flexible with time and can make spur of the moment plans and adapt accordingly. I don't always have to work to a schedule. I can take time out of my day to socialize with friends and family. I take vacations. I exercise. I still have me time, but, when things have to get done, and I am running on a tight deadline, I do block the world out and focus on the project that is in front of me.

4. I like to gather information, do research for writing, but I also find it to be a tedious part of the job I do. I enjoy the learning experience, but I feel like research takes up too much of my day. I am willing to find new and better ways to accomplish tasks, shortcuts that help me finish my jobs at a quicker pace, but I am not willing to sacrifice the quality of my work.

5. I try things that are physically demanding of me and my body. I've studied judo. I took rock climbing classes. I've done kick boxing. I love yoga. I enjoy running. I lift weights. When it comes to physical fitness and the newest trends, I am willing to try out what is new, and review the results. That is how I got into Market Research, and what led me to study fitness in college. I am certified, and can work as a personal trainer. 
6. I am a huge softie. I am a lovable person with a friendly personality, but I do have a serious side that people often mistake as being withdrawn. When I am in a zone, I don't like to be bothered, but that doesn't mean I can't be bothered. I am actually quite approachable and easy to deal with. I take my job seriously and sometimes that means I take a longer time responding to comments, text messages, or answering phone calls. It's not personal. If I am in that kind of zone, it's because I am working on a job that pays the bills. That job becomes my priority.

7. I will be out of town all of next week dealing with an incredibly personal situation (I am healthy, but someone I am close to is incredibly ill). That may delay posting on this blog, not only for next week, but the week that follows. It may also interfere with my look of the day that I post to lookbook sites. My disappearance will not be permanent, but I may need some time to process the severity of the situation. When I get back, I will also have to make up for lost work. I am going to do my best to not stay away too long.