Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Weather Became so Intensely Cold and Windy

1. When I was in elementary school, I sliced the thumb on my right hand bad enough that I couldn't use it or my hand because I had to wear a brace until it healed.  Since I was in school, and I had class assignments, I ended up learning how to write with my left hand.  I was ambidextrous for awhile.

2. When I was seven, I spent the summer in Texas with my grandparents.  My brother and I were playing in the desert when suddenly I was attacked, unprovoked, by a black Labrador.  The dog caught my lower lip and took me to the ground.  I have two scars on either side of my bottom lip as a result of that attack.  My grandfather was furious.  I remember sleeping in his lap, which was strange because he was a gruff, cranky man.  After that incident, he was incredibly protective of me.  He tried everything he could to make me feel better, even though there was very little he could do.

3. I love my cats, Mozart and Daisy, but I'm allergic to them.  When I found my kitties, my intention was to get them healthy; I took them both to the vet immediately after finding them, afterwards I had planned to find them good homes.  I found Mozart at two weeks old and on the verge of death. After nursing him back to health, he had already become attached to me and I had become attached to him; I couldn't fathom giving him away.  I found Daisy in the middle of a busy street in a burlap sack.  When I got her home and saw how she and Mozart interacted together, I couldn't justify separating them.  I take allergy medicine every day so that I can keep them.

4. I loved cartoons growing up, and I loved coloring books, but the coloring books never had the images from the television and those were the images I wanted to color.  One day, after a large amount of contemplation intermixed with trial and error, I figured out how to get the images off the television screen and turn them into coloring pages.  Later on, my father told me I was essentially creating animation cells.  For awhile, I wanted to be an Animator.

5. When I was little, like most girls, I loved Barbie.  I loved dressing her up, and while I can never claim to be a great seamstress, I used to take old torn up clothes and use the material to sew her dresses.  Barbie is responsible for my love of fashion.

6. On that note, I own a sewing machine, it was a Christmas present from my father, that I never learned how to use.  My intention was to learn how to make my own clothes.  I was inspired by my grandmother who was always sewing when I would visit her, and my aunt who still sews, but life got in my way and I never had the chance to learn how to use it.  It is a goal of mine to take classes and learn to make myself a dress with that machine.

7. I rarely reveal personal details about myself in a conversation unless explicitly asked.

8. When I fall in love with a song, I’ll listen to it on repeat until I get sick of it.  It takes awhile for me to get sick of a song.

9. In high school, I used to sell blow pops in class.  My father would go to Sam's Club and he would buy me several boxes on each visit.  I would take a box to school, and in the middle of class you could find me selling candy.  The teachers never seemed to mind.  I made quite a bit of money, and the best part, my father paid for the candy and let me keep what I earned from selling it.  That is probably where my desire to run my own business stems from.