Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everything Starts from a Dot

What did your life teach you yesterday?

In life, timing is everything.  Patience is a virtue.  When you are working toward a goal, you need to align your sight with the process and progress you make, and not let yourself get hung up on the results.  The greatest accomplishments in life are usually the result of a whole lot of patience and never ending practice.  When observing your progress you need to ask yourself: are the things that you are working toward slowly but surely moving you in the right direction?  You need to learn when to act and when to stand still and observe.  If you see no progress after you've taken action then you need to adjust your vision and find the things that will actually get you closer to your goals.  Stay alert for signs that something could potentially go wrong and when opportunities are presented take them.  If you open your mind and free it from doubt and fear; your mind will show you what it is you wish to do and you just may learn how to do it.  In life timing is everything, and everything in time.