Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life is the Flower for Which Love is the Honey

A cold front blew in this afternoon… it was the type of cold that makes the day perfect for hot tea or hot chocolate, for hot bubble baths, and curling up with good books.  If I wasn't busy working on creating passive income streams and freelance work, I might have enjoyed spending the day doing all of the above.  The day was cold, it was windy, it was raining, and there were brilliant rays of sunshine everywhere.  Lately, the weather has been all over the place, and that makes it incredibly hard to plan any outdoor activities.

I have had a weird day today.  It was kind of an emotional day, but not really.  In general, I experience more happy times than sad ones, but sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with sad moments and memories that randomly creep into my thoughts.  In these moments, it is like I am struggling to find my way through a heavy fog, and instead of finding a way through it, I end up lost in it.  When you are caught in a fog of memories, you are feeling them, usually in great detail.  It is not always pleasant reliving a moment, especially when you thought you had locked those moments away in the past.

Usually, when old memories pay me a visit, I let myself entertain them.  I never take them too seriously, but I allow myself to feel them.  I write these thoughts off as an imbalance, because that is exactly what they are.  Sometimes, it is good to just let yourself feel what you need to feel, because memories come up for a reason.  When I am done feeling whatever it is I need to feel; I let those moments go, and I stop dwelling.

As the wind picked up this afternoon (we had some fierce wind), I got this incredible sense that something new and crisp was blowing in, which also meant that something old and stale was blowing out.  I willed that whatever dark cloud was hanging over me would blow out with it, because I am ready for the new.  I am thankful for the seasons, and for the changes in life!  I am grateful that nothing ever stays the same—that we don’t stay the same.  I embrace the seasons, and I never compare whatever is going on in my season to what is going on in someone else’s.  Their seasons change as well.  They have their moments and their memories, and maybe we're just seeing the facade of what they want to portray to the world.