Sunday, May 24, 2015

After Every Storm the Sun Will Smile

I've come to the conclusion that we tend to look at the things that aren’t in our control and let those things affect our lives seldom realizing that happiness and inspiration lie in the simple things that we often take for granted.  For me, I've compiled a list made up of those little moments of joy.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. The glorious smell of rain in the air on a stormy day.

2. Receiving unsolicited help in the most unexpected ways.

3. The wistful longings of a heart in love.

4. Hearing expressions of undying love from someone who means something to you.

5. Hearing the soulful sounds of music that speaks to you and goes straight to your heart.

6. Experiencing the beating of your strong, healthy heart, reminding you that you survived, a long, hard sweaty workout.

7. The touch of someone you share a special bond with.

8. The boisterous laughter you experience when you’re having the time of your life with great friends.

9. Getting out of bed in the wee hours to witness the promise of a new day while watching a beautiful sunrise.

10. Witnessing the genius of writers who create bodies of work and in each work they create magic with their words.

11. The excitement in the eyes of your pet when they realize you've come home, because those few hours were an eternity for them.

12. The joy of reconnecting with friends you once thought were long lost.

13. Seeing someone you love succeed in life.

14. A brilliant blue sky.

15. The work of photographers who produce incredible images, art through their sight, that speaks to your soul.

16. Savoring, almost greedily, the creamy, sweet delicious taste of rich chocolate.

17. The wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread filling the entirety of your home.

18. The safe feeling of being enveloped tightly in the arms of your loved one.

19. The freedom of knowing that you can achieve anything in your life if you work hard enough for it.

20. The passion and pride you feel when sharing your wisdom and knowledge with others.

21. The pleasure of feeling the warmth of the sun's rays on your face or the flow of the wind as it tangles through your hair.

22. The blessed feelings of both honor and love that you get when you realize you were able to help someone in less fortunate circumstances.

23. Seeing the beauty of white, white snow glistening in the sun.

24. Experiencing the warmth streaming through your body when drinking hot chocolate on an ice-cold day.

25. The wonderment of exploring and experiencing never before this moment worlds, seeing new places, and living briefly within new cultures.

26. Watching the pitch black night sky fill up with brilliant little dotted stars across its massive infinity; a moon creates a sky that puts both life and the world into perspective.

27. Seeing the innocence in a toddler’s eyes.

28. Experiencing trust with true friends.

29. The awe-inspiring performances of world-class athletes.

30. Listening to the beautiful melodious sounds of musical geniuses.

31. Your growth and evolution as a person throughout the entire course of your life.

32. The aromatic smell of freshly bloomed flowers.

33. The powerful realization that your potential in life is limitless.

34. The accomplished feeling of learning to speak a language that is not native to you.

35. Tuning into the miraculous workings of our bodies, and discovering that our body can achieve things we didn’t realize it to be capable of.

36. The luscious green of freshly grown grass.

37. Falling into the comfort of a warm, cozy bed after a long and hard day.

38. The refreshing feeling of putting on freshly washed clothes.

39. Experiencing the humbling feeling of watching, witnessing, and knowing your family and your friends have your back.

40. The empowering feeling of pulling yourself out of a crisis.

41. Spending an entire day snuggled cozy in your bed with breakfast and a captivating book.

42. The immense joy felt when a small child's eyes light up the moment they see you, and they run to you, jumping into your arms, excited for hugs and showered attention.

43. The first beautiful blossoms of spring after a long, cold harsh winter.

44. The first signs of fall after a brutally hot summer.

45. The breathtaking view out of an airplane’s window.

46. Witnessing the genuine love between two people as they promise to stay together for the rest of their lives.

47. Finally figuring out what you’re truly hungry for in life, and then following that dream.

48. Giving to others without expectations and experiencing their joy.

49. Seeing ordinary people change the course of humanity.

50. Listening to the wealth of wisdom shared by your elders.

51. A cold shower on a brutally hot summer day.

52. The overwhelming feeling of seeing the vastness of the Grand Canyon for the very first time.

53. The graceful and elegant flow of ballet dancers floating across the stage in perfect sync with each other.

54. Falling in love with and accepting yourself, flaws and all.

55. Coming home after having been away for awhile.

56. The realization that life, after all, is immeasurably valuable.

What are your reasons to love and fiercely embrace life?