Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Be Overcome by the Fragrance of Flowers

The journey of the hero and the heroine is the life of our dreams, the moment we surrender to what life is dreaming us to be. 
I've always felt, in certain aspects of my life, that I've been trying to force things to be a certain way and that those forced dreams have always eluded me.  And in other ways where there wasn't a sensation of forcing things, everything has gone extremely well for me.

First came the opportunity to create style boards for a business.  I then won several contests and was rewarded with some really cool prizes.  After that came a travel opportunity for business, followed by making new contacts, which lead to new clients.

My point is that all of the sudden, whatever had been holding me back was replaced by all these new experiences which were taking me personally and professionally to the next level.  I could feel a progression, a new sense of responsibility and it really felt good.  After that, my focus shifted from the past to the present and future.

Trials and tribulations — not getting what we want when we want it, saying goodbye on terms we can’t control.  Each of these is the universes way of humoring us, of helping us grow and allowing us to reframe the past from a place of gratitude for our present and our future.

So brace yourself when the road gets bumpy, strap on that helmet, and prepare to pedal for something greater is sure to come.  Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

Never ever forget that you deserve all that you want in this world!  Sometimes you’ll get it through your own mastery and hard work, other times you’ll get it when you least expect it and are forced to let go.

The journey is never a detour; it’s just a way to build up your momentum and strength for the road that lies ahead.