Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Blue Air, Love, and Flowers

Life is a pretty amazing teacher.

It never stops providing us with opportunities to learn, grow, and become the people it knows we can be.

One of the most important lessons I have learned from this one great teacher called Life, is that happiness is not a destination.

Happiness is not something that is out of reach, it isn’t reserved for the rich and famous, and it definitely does not come with dual side airbags, a swimming pool, or a side order of fries.  Happiness is much deeper than any of that.

Take a moment to really think about what makes you happy.

What makes you feel whole?

What, or who, brings joy into your life?

What makes your heart smile?

For me, my happiest moments are those filled with laughter, creativity, inspiration and love, and are often spent with the people who know me best, and love me most.

I’m happiest when I’m laughing, writing, reading, listening to music, exercising, walking/running in nature, window shopping, or just sharing random thoughtful moments with the people I love.

Those are pretty simple things, and most are always readily available to me no matter where I am or how much money I have sitting in the bank.

All of those things can bring me happiness right now, in this moment, and in every moment.

I've always known what I needed to do in order to maintain my happiness.

Which brings me to another important lesson Life has taught me, ever so persistently.

Happiness needs to be noticed, chosen, and nurtured, so that it can grow into a way of life.

Think of all the time you spend maintaining your body; showering, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, eating healthy foods, and exercising. These are all things that the body needs to stay healthy, invigorated, and energized.  We know what our body needs.  We choose to fulfill those needs every day, and take care of it so that we may grow into healthy people.  Happiness is no different.

Our mental, emotional and spiritual health needs just as much care and maintenance as our physical health.  Sometimes it's just harder to see that.

I think it's important to take the time to notice and acknowledge when you are happy.  From those moments you can figure out what you need to do more of to keep that happiness flowing.