Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love's a Peaceful Feeling, Like a Flower Hugging a Butterfly

'Excuses are the nooses upon which many a dying dream is hung. So the first thing you need to do is to bury your excuses. They can destroy you, especially in the midst of your small beginnings, when your dream is most vulnerable.' - Unknown

Our destiny is created by our thoughts and actions.

It is my personal belief that success in life is the result of many bad choices, wrong judgments, and failed results that we were able to learn from and finally create our desired result. Those who succeed in achieving their dreams, are the ones that dare to try and don't quit when they have failed.

In my opinion, if you are passionate about something and can apply that passion to create an income, then with a lot of hard work everything will eventually fall into place. 

Success will not happen overnight.  Success happens when it is meant to happen.  It will happen after you have applied all of your best efforts to achieving your dreams.  It will happen after you've sacrificed your time and invested all of your energy into your passion.  It will happen after you have failed enough times that your head hits the palms of your hands, shaking in disbelief that you have failed yet again, and you are probably ready to cry; shouting into a void of emptiness that you are ready to give up.  Success usually happens when you are at the end of your rope, thoroughly discouraged by your lack of results, and ready to give up.

Only the individual can decide what he/she wants to believe is possible for them when it comes down to their dreams, goals, and life wishes.  All the things a person dreams for themselves can come into existence, being that we (men and women) are the one's who create them, but that does not mean we are exempt from working toward them.

You can read a million self-help books.  There are a plethora of books and articles geared toward success.  Self improvement information, just like any other information, will mean something different to each and every one of us.  We do not all think alike.  If you have a goal or dream, the only way to create it is to take action toward it and not give up until you attain it (if that's what you decide to commit to).  If you don't see your dream as possible, you will never try to achieve it.