Saturday, April 18, 2015

I Keep Dreaming of a Future

I was asked today, what do you know well enough to teach others?  This question got me thinking, and ultimately sparked happiness in me, because it woke up an awareness that I do in fact know something that I can teach others.  I know many somethings, actually.  I've had some hard times.  I've had some great times.  Good or bad, life has treated me to some unique experiences, some of which have challenged my beliefs.

I believe that just when you think you cannot survive another day, something so tiny inside of you sits up and yells "you can do it" and that teeny tiny voice is what propels you forward.  That voice allows you to take the smallest, almost imperceptible step in the right direction.

I believe that learning to love yourself is a far harder journey then loving someone else, and once you can do it unconditionally and without judgment, everything else just falls into place.

I think, too often, doubt is a camouflage to fear which means it is fear and not doubt that is stopping us from moving forward.  Fear often stops us from making any decisions, but most especially those decisions that would benefit our future.

I also think that we are far more triumphant than we allow ourselves or think ourselves to be.  And that grace is on our side.  So, even if we make a decision, proceeding past doubt and then discover it was the wrong decision, we are always at choice.  That's why I like the saying "Make a decision. And then make the decision right".  Because sometimes we find out something about ourselves that is equally transformative, after we make a "wrong" decision.  I don't think there are any rights or wrongs here. I think there is growth anyway you decide to work with it.

I believe that the more action you take, the more free you will feel.  I've faced a lot of fears this way.  I think most procrastination, when it comes to major life decision, is out of fear.

I think perfection isn’t perfection as we have learned it by definition. I think it is a person's flaws, mistakes, talents, and anything that sets them apart from the rest of humanity, that makes them perfect. You see, you’ll never find anyone who is, by dictionary definition, perfect.  However, when you come to love someone enough; you begin to see their flaws, and the things that make them different, as their true perfection.