Saturday, December 27, 2014

Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

I know the key to writing, even when I don't feel like writing, is writing.  Write your way to what you want by writing about anything.  Once upon a time, starting a journal saved me.  It wasn't a conventional journal, but it served the same type of purpose.  Now, years later, starting a blog is essentially the same thing.  The every day practice of writing your thoughts in a journal is powerful in that it can help cultivate what you want from life.  In my case it helps channel my energy, directs my mind's focus, but sometimes my mind doesn't feel much like it wants to focus.  There is an art to creating the life you are hoping for, and doing it on your terms.  I am basing all my hopes for the future on my desires, talents, values, and dreams.  The pressure can get a little overwhelming, and it's a little scary.  I'm starting year one right now because unforeseen circumstances halted my progress.  I'm in that stage where I'm having to learn to not allow my fears or my insecurities to step in and block what I want most in life for me.  This journey begins with the seeds I had already planted years ago.  To this day, those seeds still bloom.