Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Secret Of Having It All Is Believing You Already Do

Howdy friends!  I've been takings some time reading blogs and organizing my thoughts.  I'm kind of in that phase where I feel like I am creating a landscape as to how I want my on-line life to be portrayed.  I've noticed that there is not a whole lot of talking on fashion blogs, it's more about what I wore.  All this reading, which is more like sifting through pretty pictures, it feels like comparing lives.  It's easy to look at someone's blog and see this version of their curated life, and then look at your own and question your choices.  You are constantly comparing your life, blog, wardrobe, photography, home, decorated skills, bank account, time-line for starting anything.  Sometimes it feels like your life sucks in comparison to theirs. I think we have all experienced that feeling a couple of times, and it's a slippery slope, especially when you are looking at a peephole version of reality.  Personally, I'm truly enjoying simply living in my life for awhile.  There is less pressure when you are starting out new.