Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Destiny Hides Among Our Free Choices

Have you ever had that sense of internal conflict about enjoying the present moment while also working toward your dreams?  It's not a constant feeling for me, but an awareness that while I'm working every day to accomplish these incredible goals, which in turn shapes my future, that I may be missing out on the present that I am living in.  I've found that finding the harmony between living in the moment while also planning for the future is something I struggle with.  For me, the balance between today and the future comes from knowing that my intentions, my actions, and how I spend my time are leading me to a new place that I am hoping to create in the future.  I actually feel more free and secure in pursuing my goals without the fear and anxiety that I used to have, because I know that it doesn't matter if I reach the exact goal I set out to reach, the journey is what matters.