Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fashionable Graffiti

When I was blinded, that was when I saw my strength.  When I was deaf, that was when I heard my calling.  When I was mute, that is when I spoke true wisdom.
Don't judge me wrong, my petals may be delicate, but make one mistake and my thorns will tear you to pieces.  Don't seek my heart.  I will love no other.  Other...  then the one taken from me.  There is more to me than a few pretty pictures.
I am the secret; I know it well.  And so it is guarded in my protection.
The flames of this mystery shall not scorch your heart, for to the wind and air alone shall I speak.

This was a fun photo day, until the wind kicked in.  It was a short shoot.  I had to get inside because I was freezing.  
The dress was a steal.  I found it at a wholesale store I happened to be shopping at.  The high heels I'm wearing are the only heels I can wear continuously with no discomfort.  They are the most comfortable heels I own.
I'm not going to be one of those bloggers who doesn't smile in their photos.  I know it's a fashion model thing, but it's also an unapproachable, I'm not having fun thing.  I don't take myself that seriously.
I workout seven days a week.  I run an average of six miles a day, and push it to eight during the summer season.  When it is warm enough, I do not drive my car to places that are within walking distance from my home.
Fashion is an individual expression.  It's draping yourself in art.  I keep my looks simple.