Friday, February 22, 2013

Desert Bloom

Moments of true peace are few and far between; fleeting instants that flicker in and out of our lives. Some experience more peaceful times than others; a lucky few may even claim to have lived a whole life of peaceable tranquility, but their perspective is limited. Until you find yourself in the midst of total chaos, you can never understand or appreciate genuine peace.

I have experienced chaos. I have experienced innumerable hardships, a multitude of heartache, a myriad of losses, and infinite failures. I have felt pain of the sharpest intensity, and I have cried enough tears to fill rivers. I have stared into the blackest abyss and faltered.
I have also experienced love. The love of my family, my friends, and of soulmates. Love, pure and strong; boundless and enduring. I have been filled with joy, and have experienced moments so overwhelmed with euphoria it could have drowned me.
I seem fated to an existence of extremes.  I wonder at times, what it would be like to live a life of tempered mediocrity. To walk a road plagued only by soft hills and shallow valleys. I would not have seen the horrors I have seen.  But then, I would have also missed out on the miracles those horrors have brought about.
All is silent and I can feel everything is in sync.  I feel our connection and I revel in the warm familiarity of it.  I have felt this before, in a time long passed, and I have yearned for it since.
I don't know what the future holds for myself, my family, or those dearest to my heart.  I can only hope the future holds good things for everybody.  Understand, life is a mix of good and bad.
And for the sake of fashion blogging, my favorite shade of lipstick is nude.  I prefer dramatic eyes and toned down lips.  My boots were found at Newport News.  The dress is from Target.