Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Voice of Beauty Speaks Softly; it Creeps Only into the Most Fully Awakened Souls

Your voice is powerful. Whether your voice is heard through sound or through the written word, your voice holds power. It has the power to persuade. It has the power to wound and intimidate. It has the power to calm and bring peace. Our voice allows us to speak of the things we know. To share our knowledge. To share our passions. To communicate ourselves to other people.

You can use your voice in positive ways. You can use it to help build up a person's character. You can help boost a person's confidence. You can use it to save a life. You can use it to spread inspiring messages of joy and love. Or you can use it in a negative way. You can use it to destroy someone's reputation. You can lie, spread rumors, divulge gossip.  You can be hateful, say cruel and mean things, and damage a person's self-esteem. The way you use your voice is insight into your character. It gives others an idea of the personality type they are dealing with. This just shows how complex and unique a voice can be.

The way we speak often gives a naked or incredibly candid idea of what a person is feeling.  There are visual clues. There is body language: the use of hands, stance, the glare of the eyes, a genuine smile that gives away what a person is feeling. There are physical clues such as when the voice quivers with fear or wavers with sadness. When it pitches with enthusiasm or goes monotone with depression. People can sometimes detect our moods through the tone of our voice after hearing nothing but a simple hello over the phone.  

Our moods can often be picked up in our writing as well, but it's easier to hide how we're feeling when we are using written words. We can think about the words we type out, and we can adjust them to suit what we wish to convey, and give a sense of what we are feeling.

I know that there are those people out there who reject the notion that their voice holds any sort of importance, that they are just one in a sea of many, that regardless of how much they speak up it will never have the power to make a difference. Everyone's voice matters, and everyone has the right to be heard.

The way you use your voice can have a profound effect on someone’s life, so I advise you to use your words and voice wisely while conversing with others.