Sunday, May 1, 2016

Love is a Dangerous Angel

This a personal project I am currently working on. It's still in rough stages, and it probably won't be complete for some time. It's a complex story and a work in progress...

He let out a low growl, jumping from his seat on the couch. He stared angrily at the man on the screen. His hand tightened around the glass he was holding. His muscles strained as he continued to put more force onto the glass, rage coursing heavy throughout his entire body.

I am going to kill him.” Logan yelled, shattering the glass he was holding with his bare hand.

Everyone stopped at the angry outburst that had erupted from the young man’s mouth. Now one by one they were turning to face the enraged man before them. He stood glaring menacingly at the man’s image on the screen. Blood streamed down his hand, rivers of blood escaping through his fingers, dripping into pools on the pristine white carpet that he stood upon. Sharp shards of glass were now protruding from the open wounds that had just been inflicted into his hand. If he was in pain he didn’t show it. No, the only emotion he displayed was blind rage.

Logan...” Shelia started quietly. She wasn’t sure what had triggered his outburst, but now she looked at her son and all she could see was the blood and glass. She wanted to help him. She wanted to run to him and bandage his hand like a mother should. She wanted to take him to a doctor and have them fix him, but when she looked at her son’s face she didn’t dare. Logan was known for his temper, and when his temper flared, she knew it was time to back off.

He took everything from me,” Logan growled. His hand clenching tighter, allowing the glass to cut deeper into his skin. “He took my life from me. He took her from me. How did this happen?” He demanded. “What did she do to deserve this?”

Logan, what are you talking about?” Samuel questioned gently. He could see the fury in his son’s eyes, he could hear the hatred in the words he spoke. Samuel was afraid, because for one brief moment he truly believed his son had every intention of killing the man on the screen.

Him,” Logan hissed, his blood boiling. He could see the many ways he was going to kill Alex. The evil bastard deserved no sympathy as far as he was concerned, and Logan was going to make sure he received none. He was going to hurt Alex, the same way Alex had hurt him and the women he loved.