Thursday, May 19, 2016

People Leave Imprints on Our Lives

As the years go by there are things you begin to realize about life. As you grow up and grow older, as you mature and evolve, as you grow and enrich your life experiences, as you open your mind, your heart, and broaden your perspectives you start to acknowledge that the world is not always the beautiful wonderland you wish it to be, nor is it as idyllic, or as welcoming as you once thought it was. In fact, you come to find out that everything you thought about life is a bit more complicated than you want to believe.

Human relationships are the most complicated of all relationships. We fight wars with each other. We love each other, we hate each other, we tolerate each other. Sometimes we connect, and sometimes we conflict. Certain personality types have a way of clashing with different personality types. There are also those personality types that just get you, and you end up drawn to those types of people. I have found that as I've grown older – in both years and knowledge – that I've become more selective in who I share my time with. I'm selective about the people I keep around me. I'm selective as to how much I share with individuals. I know who I can trust with private information, who is worth my time and effort, and who isn't. There are moments when I grow tired of pretending to be nice all the time, because I am not nice every moment of every day. I have my moods and it's not all sunshine and rainbows with me. There are days when I want some time to unravel myself, without the fear of people judging, misunderstanding, or criticizing me.

As your time on this beautiful, chaotic, crazy planet expands, you will bear witness to how peculiar human beings can be. How we can so easily speak a thousand words and make grand plans for ourselves that just as easily evaporate and disappear in a matter of moments. You start to wonder how you can meet a complete stranger and become instant friends with that person at the snap of a finger, but just as quickly you can become mere shadows of acquaintances to those who were, at one point, of the utmost importance to you. Friendships develop and disintegrate in far too much abundance over the course of a person’s lifetime. When that happens, you gain an understanding as to who it is you truly want in your life. It is those people you seek out when you’re having a good time so that you can share in those happy moments with them, and they are also the same friends you search for when you want someone's company, the friends you confide in at your lowest moments. Those people are the ones who understand you without you speaking a single word. With a simple look in your eyes, a nod, and a hug, they just know what it is you need at that moment. Sometimes that is all you really need. Someone to show you unconditional love and support. To remind you that it's okay to be who you are.