Thursday, May 5, 2016

Curl Up With Your Rawness

Who can resist the wonderful rhythm of a well played guitar? Personally, I surrender to the music. It brings forth peace.

Its message is subtle and evokes powerful feelings. The music doesn’t bother my ears , regardless of how loud I've turned up the volume. There have been days I have tried to drown out the sound of noise, but even at maximum volume the sound doesn't hurt me.

Why is this song so significant? What is it trying to tell me? The opening is not extraordinary, but the words take shape, and flow into an intense message. Maybe it’s the steady increase in the beat that comes the further you get into the song, with powerful high notes and complementing instrumentation.

It could possibly be the way the music changes . It could be one of those songs where no two seconds are the same. The tempo rises, and then it falls, distinguishable, yet subtle in its transitions.

The mood of the lyrics encourages me to delve deep within my being, to find that hidden space down inside me and feel the meaning my heart has attached to them. The lyrics reach out to me just to remind me that they exist.

I can't even count how many times I've replayed a song, the melody scratching the surface of my deepest emotions. I am left feeling emotions I need to be feeling, without looking disturbed myself. The music doesn't leave me feeling negative. On the contrary, I end up feeling insanely centered. Like the world makes sense. Like I'm in a peaceful state of sleep while the world is in crisis. Or like standing in the eye of a violent storm watching the wall of chaos whirl around me, but never getting close enough to harm me.

Stillness engulfs me just as the song is ending, and as the final notes die out, I return to the world, it glares at me again, with its sharpened teeth barred.

Escapism? Isn't that what all art is? How often do we seek out forms of art to distract ourselves? To take us away from the burdens of our existence, just for moments, so that we can enjoy a speck of calm?

Music is a freedom unlike any other. Music cuts the leashes that restrain my mind.