Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Have Always Been Delighted at the Prospect of a New Day

Sunday is a really good day to catch up on real life responsibilities.  Today, I had planned to get some yard work done, but weather did not permit.  It was too windy, and that means it's too dangerous to burn.  The weather has been a frustration for me, lately.  These heavy rains are bringing weeds, and some of those weeds are full of stickers and thorns.  I need to do a controlled burn in order to burn off the stickers so that I can pull up the plant by the root without implanting splinters and thorns into my skins.  I don't own gardening tools (aside from gloves) because I'm not a gardener, and I don't enjoy the process of gardening.  I do however enjoy plants in bloom.  I love walking through gardens, and I appreciate nature and its resourcefulness.  I often joke about my inability to to grow plants in my yard.  The way it works in my yard is: if I plant something it dies, but if the plant plants itself it survives.  You can ask the two cactus that have pretty much blossomed into a front door threat because they have grown too large and wide, or the small tree in my backyard that I now have to figure out how to transplant (I don't want to kill it) because it decided to grow at the base of my house which threatens the foundation.  It's a sapling, but it's going to get bigger, and its roots are going to spread.  I need to move it before that happens.  Homeowner problems... and the reason I need to hire a good landscaper.

Beyond that, I have been thinking a lot about home renovation projects.  If I want to sell my house, I'm going to have to make it the best possible version of itself in order to bring in top dollar for its sell.  I bought my property near the bottom of the market which means it has already increased tremendously in value.  Even if I decide not to sell, and maybe just rent it out (passive income stream), I'd still need to do some renovations. I have put serious consideration into the things I want to do, the things I need to get done, and the time frame as to when it needs to be done so that I can move.  Desert life has been fun, but I would like to try something new.

I'm not much of a do it yourself girl, although there are things that I can do, I'd prefer to hire professionals to do the job.  That means I have to map out what I want before I do anything.  I have to commit to contractors, and I have to live in a mess until renovations are done.  I don't want to just pull up carpet and repaint.  I want to modernize the kitchen and the bathrooms.  Tile the floors, minor maybe, but it would still add value to what I already own.  Two story, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, loft - 2300 square feet - it's not a small house.  I need to build a new fence, paint the exterior, and of course landscape.  Houses are commitments.  There is always something to do, or something that needs repaired.  

While I understand the desire to own property, when you want to move, owning a home complicates things.