Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Best Love is the Kind That Awakens the Soul

I've been contemplating creating multiple websites that are niche specific as a way to highlight the different types of writing I do.  It's important for me to be seen as a multifaceted writer.  This is incredibly important when you are a writer for hire, or more specifically, a freelancer.  For now, until I can get a website built, I'm going to use this blog to highlight what it is I do, or what it is I'm working on.  That doesn't mean I won't share personal tidbits about myself, but writing is part of who I am.

This posting is an article which I have not quite finished (I'd like to add two hundred additional words to make it a thousand word article).  When it is finished, and I have a website built, I'll use this as a writing sample.  It's what I'm typically hired to write.  There are a lot of websites out there, and there are website owners who are willing to hire someone to write content for them, but they want to see an individual's writing style.  

Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer:

Whether you’ve had a personal trainer at some point in your training regime, thought about hiring one, or just want someone to do a day session with you to correct diet or exercise form issues; I’m sure, like many others, you’ve wondered if a personal trainer is actually worth spending your money on. There are people who will tell you that personal trainers are a waste of money, and are only necessary for those who can’t motivate themselves. Some may even think that a personal trainer is just an overpaid individual who barks orders and places unreasonable expectations on you and your body.

To Map Out a Plan to Achieve Results:

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a personal trainer. If you've never worked out before, or have limited knowledge of the machines and what they do, then you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer. When you hire a trainer, they are not going to just put you on a machine, hit the go button while standing there counting the dollars they are billing you for that one hour session. What you get from a trainer is a detailed plan of the types of exercises you need to be doing to achieve the results you are looking for: whether it's washboard abs, to lose thirty pounds, injury rehab, or just to make improvements with your general health, their job is to direct you towards the right path to achieve your fitness goals.

To Access Your Health and Fitness Levels:

If you hire a trainer, you will be taught the basics of working out, the proper way to use the machines you see in the gym, as well as the importance of diet and nutrition, and the role that supplementation plays in your overall health and wellbeing. The person you hire will take your measurements, determine your body fat levels, weigh you, and chart the progress you make over the course of your partnership. This individual will help you to determine the proper speed for your skill level, correct any issues you may have with form, and show you which machines you should focus on in order to target the areas you are looking to tone up. Their advice is meant to keep you from burning out, to give you realistic goals instead of expectations, and to pace you so you don't over train, or get hurt from using poor techniques.


Sometimes we need a cheerleader. Motivation is key to success. Without an actual person encouraging you and your progress you may not continue to work toward your fitness goals. This is most especially true when you aren't seeing any results and you don't feel like you are making any type of progress. A person who reminds you that results don't happen overnight, that it takes thirty days to form a habit, and praises you for the changes you are making for yourself and your health, may be essential for a person who is prone to giving up. The beginning of anything is always the hardest part, once you get into the habit it becomes easier, but sometimes we need a push to motivate us to make lifestyle changes.

To Help Create New Ways To Challenge Your Body:

Your routines have become monotonous, and you find boredom with your routine to be a bigger obstacle than lack of results. Even the most seasoned pro gets bored. You've been doing the same routine for years, and it's worked well for you; you've increased the amount of weight you can lift, you can run faster and further, you can see lines of definition or rock hard muscles (depends on the look you are going for), and your pants fit perfectly on your body. You've perfected your healthy lifestyle change, you've been at it for years, but for some reason, you can't motivate yourself to go to the gym anymore. Talking with someone who can take you from an exercise you've mastered and turn you into a beginner again by showing you an exercise you've never done before may be the fire that is needed to motivate you straight out of boredom. There are literally thousands of exercises out there, each targeting a different type of muscle in a different way, but we tend to stick to the handful of exercises that have worked for us over the course of our training. Sometimes having a person show you a new way to target your triceps, or a better way to lift for stronger legs re-sparks the desire you had in the beginning of your fitness journey because it gives you new ways to challenge yourself: body and mind.

Money is the Deciding Factor:

While there are benefits to hiring a trainer, money is usually the factor that decides whether or not an individual will actually utilize this type of service. The reality is that most people can't afford to hire someone to workout with them every single time they hit the gym, and that's okay. Your money is your money, and some people don't spend as frivolously as others. Personal trainers are a luxury, not a necessity. Most gyms offer between one to three days of free consult upon signing a one year contract with them. It's an incentive to get you to join their gym. If you don't want to invest in a trainer long term, utilize this perk for however many sessions you are given, and take full advantage of learning the intricacies of the machines and the ways they work your body. You may find the information invaluable.