Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Nothing Can Dim the Light Which Shines From Within

Patience can be a real pain.  There is no denying we are a nation of impatience, but hopefully writers can turn that into motivation.  If you want to be a writer so bad you can hardly wait for it, then you better get started today.  That doesn't mean all the pieces of the puzzle will magically fall into place, but at least leverage that jittery, itching ambition to start creating something beautiful right away. Whether it's starting a blog, writing an article, or diving into chapter one of a book; don't dwell in your impatience, use it.

 I love the idea that patience is "concentrated strength." For me patience is hard when it comes to building my freelancing career. My first job was an unexpected explosion of fireworks, so now everything else seems rather drained of its color. It's hard to re-adjust expectations and remain joyful in the waiting.  Writing is a tough gig. Getting published is harder yet.

 An important piece of advice I've recently come upon is not worrying about the quality of others work. Don't compare your writing to successful writers and your peers (who may well be successful writers). This can only lead to impatience in seeing that your work isn't up to the level that you wish it was (which is good, but impatience is the wrong response). Just try to make the piece you are working on the best it can be - it needs to live up to itself, nothing else. There are no expectations for a piece of writing than the full realization of the idea it contains. That's what I try to remember when I think towards my future as a writer.