Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Right from the Start You Were a Thief You Stole My Heart

This story I wrote as a class assignment, which was later posted on-line as a fanfiction.  I pulled my stories down, a move I now regret, due to issues with anxiety.  The requirement for this story was no dialogue and a word count of less than 900 words.  I have contemplated putting my stories back on-line ... for now I think they fit fine on this blog.


She wakes like always in the haze of sleep, her eyes never quite focusing, never quite finding the one she seeks. She speaks his name a million times, and though she has never met him she knows she’ll recognize him when she sees him, if she sees him. He begs her there, wills her to him, promises he will be waiting, but never is. Even in dream, she is always searching for him, always fighting for destiny.

The room she is in is always the same, large and white, decorated for a ball, filled with enemies dressed for a masquerade. Their faces are hidden behind party masks, with eyes deceiving, betraying their intent, and she fears them.

Her red gold hair is puffed, wild with curls, ribbons and flowers entwined throughout. Her dress looks like a fairy tale, and like her eyes, it’s colored as blue as the ocean. It’s strapless and hugs her torso to her hips, then it flares out exaggerating her waist, and falls to the ground hiding her feet. Although she doesn’t wear glass slippers, only blue satin pumps, she feels like a princess. At the base of her neck diamonds sit, surrounding her throat, shining obscenely against flawless white skin. She holds in her hand a white satin mask trimmed in ocean colored feathers held by a long slender stick wrapped in white satin fabric, and blue and white ribbons that dangle freely are attached. When she puts the mask to her face, her nose to her forehead are covered, and the blues of the feathers make the blues in her eyes shine brighter.

She looks up to the ceiling, and sees chandeliers that hang in rows of perfect symmetry. Their thin, delicate gold arms curve, gleaming with clear crystal teardrops letting light flow through each tiny tear, shining dotted rainbows all over the room like prisms. The lights are bright, unreasonably so, and yet she feels the darkness and cold. Emptiness surrounds her. The fogged blanket of anxiety she feels makes the room darker than it really is, terror grips her heart with frigid panic, and it consumes her soul. She wants to leave, but something is keeping her there. No . . . not something, someone.

She hears her name called on an angel’s breath, so small and faint she’s not sure how she’s going to find him. She moves through enemies with confident uncertainty, some bowing their grace as she walks past them, others pointing and sneering or laughing as she makes her way through the crowd.

The clicking noise her heels make as she steps across marble flooring sound hollow, reverberating in a silent room. Everyone watches her, waiting until she is near the center, and they lunge at her like hungry wolves, grabbing her roughly, bruising her body. Enemies close in on her, drowning her in a sea of faceless people. She lets out a strangled cry for help, falling helplessly, pinned under their bodies. She struggles, fights against them, and finally she breaks free.

The thick shroud of dark suffocates her as she runs for air, for freedom. But sinister hands refuse to give up. They still grab for her, attacking her now tender flesh, clawing at her, ripping fabric from her dress, trying their hardest to pull her back into their sea. Somehow she manages to break away from their grasp and runs for the light that shines like heaven, laying miles ahead.

She dares herself a glance behind her, and she sees the sea of people are closing in. Heaven’s light reaches for her, and like a magnet it pulls her into it. He stands alone, waiting. The light turns dark and she can hear the menacing voices, the maniacal laughter behind her. His arms open wide to her, his voice calling to her with baited breath. She runs to him, into his arms, her heart flutters and she feels the sting of electricity.

His eyes are warm brown pools of liquid behind the black mask he is wearing, and she sees the sun shine in them. The aura that surrounds him is haloed in warmth. The room that had felt so dark and ominous brightens, illuminating a spotlight on them.

She looks up at him longingly, hoping he is there to protect her, but her eyes desperately question him, fearful that he might be there to harm her like the others. He circles his arms around her, embraces her tightly to him. His name echoes deep in her soul and she knows she is safe now that she has found him. He brings his mouth down to meet hers, her lips burning with fire when his brush hers, and she can breathe again. His name falls from her lips and it vibrates the walls around them. Enemies cower and shrink away back into the darkness she has just escaped.

His name is a serenade in her ears, and she knows he is forever hers. He is her savior, her lover, her destiny.