Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome to my blog, French Violet; a fitness, beauty, and fashion blog written from my perspective.  I am Amethyst, the blog owner.  I live in the United States, somewhere in the desert.  A good portion of my life has been devoted to fitness, fashion, diet, and natural remedies that help to beautify the skin.  I am a fashion and fitness addict who takes an interest in reading up on the latest trends, and I am devoted to sharing that knowledge with everyone who reads this blog.  You can find me on Twitter, Lookbook, Chictopia, and Pinterest. 

I started this blog to coincide with the launch of my sister's magazine.  I told myself that this blog was meant to keep me connected with the blogging world.  In reality, this blog is a way for me to keep up with the latest beauty, fashion, and fitness trends.  It is a way to encourage me to stay accountable to my writing, an avenue I love.  It's a way for me to share years of knowledge, especially in the fitness field.  I am a certified Electronics Specialist, Jewelry, Gem, and Diamond Expert, Freelance Writer, Personal Trainer, and Bartender.  I've written freelance for many years in the fields of Fashion, Fitness, and Beauty.  I've also worked with Market Researchers and Research and Development Departments in the test marketing of various different beauty products.  I am always on the lookout, hoping to discover something amazing and hopefully that amazing will turn into something worth sharing.  Everything in this blog will be written by me.

If you are an organization looking to advertise products and services, you may contact me to evaluate products for product reviews and product placement.  I reserve the right to place only those products and services that I stand behind on this blog.  I will only place product on this site that I have personally evaluated.