Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Night Out

Tonight I went out to dinner with some really good friends.  Here I'm pictured with Pam.

I know so many women who are shoe women.  My sister is one.  When it comes to shoes, I can tell you what I think is pretty.  I have a pinboard devoted to shoes.  I can tell you what looks good with an outfit.  I have a pinboard devoted to pairing pretty shoes with pretty clothes.  Scarily enough, I can even name shoe designers.  I thank my sister for that one.  Insanely, I have managed to amass quite the collection of shoes, and I don't wear half of them.  I get the attraction to shoes.  I understand a woman's obsession with shoes.  But, I personally don't have a love affair with them.  I can blame that on my mom, she ran around barefoot or in flip flops the majority of my childhood, until she became a nurse and then it was nurse's shoes.  I grew up loving to be barefoot.  Getting me to put on a pair of shoes was a struggle.  And my shoes never stayed on long, the moment I could take them off they were gone.  Boots are a different story.  I feel sturdy in boots.  I like the support boots provide me.  I feel confident in boots.  That is why boots are going to be a recurring them in this blog, as you will soon come discover.