Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turquoise and Sand

It's interesting, and a very me thing, but when I'm at a loss for words I read more.  My go to books, to cure writer's block, the Dictionary or a Thesaurus.  There is something about seeing words that ignite inspiration.  It's a characteristic that my teacher pulled out of me.  My Creative Writing Teacher used to give the class challenges, and most of them were word challenges.  There would be words written on the board when we walked in to our classroom.  The teacher would require the class to come up with blurbs or drabbles.  We would be given a time limit and a word count.  Sometimes we would work in groups and sometimes we worked as individuals.  It was the majority of our grade.

The word challenge: 

Strength:  She see strength in all those around her.  He watches and keeps his to lend, for not all strength comes from a clenched fist.

Hurricane:  Wrapped in armor, she is a storm to overtake the world, that wreaks havoc and takes vengeance on any foolish enough to wander into her path.  Wrapped in nothing but night and firelight and the scars that are not privileged for sight, she is a blade with no edges, that shines for him and him alone.

When I struggle I give myself a list of ten words, any ten words, and I make something out of those words.