Sunday, January 24, 2016

Faith Moves Mountains, Love Transforms Hearts

When it comes to fashion, you want to stay a step ahead of the fashion game. Fashion is a creation of seasons, and when you are sitting in the middle of one season, you should already be looking ahead to the next. This is how fashion works. Fashion evolves quickly, and encompasses many items that go far beyond just the dress you see hanging in the store window on your recent trip to the mall. Fashion is shoes. Fashion is hats and scarves. Fashion is jewelry. Accessories are the items that dress up that dress you are looking at, and each accessory worn is a reflection of your personal style.

It doesn't matter if you are a fan of fashion or not, it is hard to argue that the articles of clothing we choose to wear are both a personal reflection of who we are and can be tied to memories we create while we wear them. When we shop, we look for the perfect ensemble for certain events, whether it’s a formal function, everyday wear, a date, a job interview, or a party we are attending. Over the course of time, and a few pictures later, these outfits remain a memory, but usually nothing more. Eventually fabrics wear out, tear, fade with continual washings, are stained from spills, and, depending on the material, unravel. Most clothing will not last forever. 

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a different story. I have pieces of jewelry that were given to me more than twenty years ago, that remain intact and in perfect condition. Jewelry is an item that can be passed down from generation to generation, and as long as it is cared for, can last for an eternity. Jewelry is art that you wear, each piece an artisan's design that is usually on trend for the era that it was created in.

Everywhere in the world, women are fussing over an ample stock of jewelry in an already over saturated market. Whether it's cheap or expensive, both men and women, are looking at the latest trends in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings; jewelry is an extremely popular, must have accessory for all wardrobes. Jewelry is profitable for those who sell it, and an investment for those who buy it.

The fact is jewelry has always been an extremely important part of human culture, dating back centuries, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to the different moments in history that they were created in.

Some women would say that jewelry is the most important accessory in completing an overall look. Jewelry can add to an already classic look, give you an edge, make you look trendier, give you a bohemian vibe, or add an element of elegance and glamour. There are no limits as to how jewelry can transform an outfit. A successful outfit isn't truly complete without the right accessories. Even if you aren't trying to convey a particular style, accessories are still the ultimate choice of expression.

I have found, especially on-line, that there is a multitude of hidden corners in the jewelry world and they tend to offer some of the best and most unique pieces, and I have browsed many sites to find pieces that suit me personally, but are also universal pieces that may embody someone else's unique style. When you are looking to sell jewelry for profit, you want to pick out pieces that are universally appealing to a large audience of consumers. When you are looking to purchase pieces for yourself, you should look for those pieces that suit you as an individual.

In jewelry, there is no such thing as a taboo way to pair your jewelry. You can play around with matching everything or matching nothing. There are several trends out there right now: some of the most common trends are to mix and match various types of metals, different stones, large statement pieces with smaller more delicate pieces, and stacking and layering your jewelry. When wearing multiple pieces of jewelry, a point to remember, try not to overdo it. Too many statement pieces can make an outfit look gaudy. 

Personally, I tend to like more delicate pieces. These pieces that I received from Star Harvest Jewelry suit that part of my personality. For those who are looking to start their own jewelry business, you should really consider Star Harvest Jewelry as a wholesale source. Their customer service has been top notch, and the quality of the pieces that were sent to me matches the quality of pieces you will find in regular jewelry stores. Everything is 925 sterling silver stamped, for those who do not know, this signifies that the jewelry is true silver and not plated. So far, I have not been disappointed with a single piece of jewelry I have received from them. 

Butterflies are beautiful creatures, found in nature, that remind us of the warmer spring and summer seasons. They are blessed with beautiful, colorful wings, in different sizes and shapes. Butterflies have many wonderful and unique qualities associated with them, the most obvious being their amazing transformation from caterpillar to the beautiful winged creature that many reverie, representing rebirth and freedom. I personally choose to wear butterfly jewelry because to me it signifies great change, transformation, happiness, patience, love, and freedom. That is why I chose the butterfly necklace from Star Harvest.

The purest and most beautiful form of connection between two people is friendship. A best friend is someone whom you can share every dirty little secret with and be assured those secrets stay safe. I have shared many a secret with mine, and she has never betrayed my trust. I can be myself with her and she never judges me for it. I can go long periods of time without contacting her and it doesn't bother her. We can talk about anything without judgment. She always has my back. It's not going to be a surprise when my best friend receives half this necklace, because when it comes to true friends, she is the other half of my heart.
A heart pendant is a symbol of all types of love, not just romantic love: it can be spiritual, mean friendship, or signify the love you have for yourself. Most people who buy jewelry choose a design that means something to them. Some may purchase accessories because they’re trendy pieces, but when you buy a piece and you continue to wear it, above all other pieces in your jewelry box, then that piece means something to you. It's weird because I don't normally get attached to jewelry, but this heart necklace is currently my favorite piece of jewelry. I have a couple of other necklaces I wear in rotation, but lately I have been pairing this heart necklace with everything. It is decorated with intricate details, but it isn't overly formal, so you have a wide choice of outfits to wear it with. It is especially nice paired with a little black dress because it doesn't look like you are trying hard to look fabulous.

With time, your jewelry box becomes a collection of tokens that represent who you are at different stages of your life. Some items may not survive normal wear and tear, but there will be those truly meaningful pieces that are tied to major life events, or even special people in your life, that gain significance as they are passed from generation to generation. Those are the pieces that should remain unique to you as an individual.