Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Look in My Heart and You Will Find You

It's that time of the year, and while I know food takes center stage for the Thanksgiving holiday, this is also a time where we reflect on the things we are grateful for. Like most bloggers and on-line magazines, I am giving you my gratitude list.

1. Life. Waking up every day. Lets face it, if we didn't wake up, we couldn't be grateful for anything.

2. My family

3. My friends

4. Freedom. Living in a country that not only gives me rights, but ensures ways to make sure that I can protect them. Not every country can say they have the same rights that we do. I'm grateful for those who serve our country so that we can maintain our freedom.

5. Writing as a form of art and expression.

6. Feeling safe, protected, and cared for.

7. Fun, flirty, witty exchanges. Playful banter has a way of taking the seriousness out of situations, and keeps everything light. 

8. Sunshine and moonlight because they are the perfect contradiction. They are both beautiful in their own ways. Sunshine charges in and lets everyone know it's present. Moonlight is soft and subtle.

9. A star filled night. I like to go outside and just look at them, see if I can figure out the constellations or spot a planet. My favorite place to have conversations is under a star filled sky.

10. Road trips. It allows me to explore my country, see new areas, and in some cases meet new people.

11. Warmth on a cold night. I have a heater. I have a fireplace. I have plenty of blankets.

12. Shelter. There are too many people out there who do not have homes. Far too many people sleep on the streets, out in the cold. I'm grateful to have a place to sleep that has water, heat, and electricity.

13. Beautiful flowers

14. Good photography

15. Mozart and Daisy, they always cuddle with me. They just know when I need them. I call Mozart my safe place because he's the one that really senses changes in me. He's the one to just cuddle right at my chest, and sleep with me.

16. Seeing others happy. Life is too short to be spent miserable, or making others miserable.

17. Nature walks because we have a planet full of beautiful creations and I don't necessarily think we appreciate all the beauty our planet provides.

18. Deep conversations. These are the types of conversations that really help you get to know someone.

19. Good food, because some of the best times we share with others is when we are indulging in lavish spreads while laughing and engaging in small talk.

20. Being heard and understood.

21. Creating memories

22. Good health

23. Music. Of all the artistic expressions, personal writing aside, music speaks to my heart the most.

24. For little hidden fun secrets, like crushes, because they remind us that humans are always seeking to love and be loved.

25. For love that cannot be explained.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!