Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Black and White Roses

Talk about one of the easiest trends to wear!  Inspired by nature, the floral pattern is one trend every woman should indulge in.  We are not talking the ramshackle romance of the overgrown garden, bold, bright, and overly busy.  Designers and manufacturers are drawing inspiration from the delicate structure of the garden, the touches and hints of blossoming blooms structured over a secondary pattern in almost a formal motif.  Florals are not a new trend, in fact floral pattern clothes have been around for centuries.  Floral patterns are truly the best way to celebrate the spring and summer season.
I'm making attempts to stay on top of my blog, but life has gotten in the way lately.  Though my schedule is crazy busy, I had a window of opportunity today to go out and get some blog images.  I didn't go for anything spectacular.  The goal was to get images.
The dress is from Target.  The earrings and necklace are from Nature's Jewelry.  The shoes are a constant in the blog.