Monday, July 1, 2013

Netting a Catch

The weather refuses to make up its mind!  It's a common problem in New Mexico.  Spring brings wind.  Summer brings heat.  Fall is perfect.  Outside of the cold, we don't really have a winter.  Snow fall is minimal.  We desperately need rain.  There is always a wildfire, somewhere near by, that takes months to put out because we have no real water source.  That's life in a desert.  Though we are still plagued with wind, I braved it today to get some images for updates.
Every fashion season is a new take on what was done before. It's also an exploration into a realm of something that hasn't been seen or done. Whether you are designing or styling the creation; patterns, prints, and colors are in most ways an artistic vision that is meant to catch and please the eye.

Styling a piece that reflects your personality is what fashion is all about. If you are looking for a new and easy way to refresh your look try layering simple pieces in complimenting colors. No two colors play better with each other than black and white.

Most of my styling of outfits began with Barbie. I always wanted to dress her differently than the bubble gum and pastel pretty image that you saw on her pretty pink packaging. I was desperate to achieve a not so manufactured look for her. I went so far as to cut up old pieces of fabric and sew, albeit pretty badly, her a new wardrobe from old scraps of discarded material we had lying around the house. To this day I still can't sew, it is a goal of mine to learn, but the fashion bug has always been intrigued by the what if concept.

If I could be a designer I would. I love the idea of creating a trend that spans clear across the globe inspiring fashionistas and bloggers everywhere to get out there and put on their best show with the items I created. I have ideas, but designing requires a certain level of artistic talent that I lack. So instead I play stylist or fashion finder in hopes that someone will be inspired, or at least appreciative, of my artistic pairing of design and items.
The lace top I am wearing was found at Fredericks of Hollywood.  Diamond Print Skinny Jeans came from Revolve Clothing.  The boots were found at Shoe Warehouse.  The jewelry was gifted to me.