Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happiness Held is the Seed; Happiness Shared is the Flower

Roughly two year ago, I began a journey that was supposed to take me from one place career-wise to another.  Through some hardships and incredible obstacles, I have managed to persevere.  I've taken opportunity after opportunity to learn and grow while managing two full-time careers.  Recently, I've taken a leap of faith, and chosen to pursue a full-time career freelance writing and blogging from home.  While I deeply miss the face to face interactions with the individuals I worked with, I believe that my decision was one that will bring my life happiness and meaning.  The images in this blog post reflect the change in my uniform.  I went from wearing an actual uniform to wearing my own clothes.  One of the lessons I am taking from others who have decided to make working from home their career, dress like you are going to your place of business.  I'll be writing my reflections, in the next few months, on how I feel about my decision to jump from one very stable career to that of an entrepreneur.